Rapid Remover

The Rapid Roof Remover is a lightweight, pneumatic tool for shingle removal as well as removal of various types of flooring.  This patented AMERICAN-MADE machine is powerful enough to remove up to five layers of shingles with fasteners in a single pass; greatly increasing productivity with less physical effort, time and manpower


Machines have a one year warranty on parts and labor, including blade.



The Rapid Roof Remover will save you time, money and effort.  With a blade width of 30 inches, this machine will drastically reduce the back-breaking labor of removing existing material.  When used on a shingled roof, the unique design of the tear-off blade will remove most of the fasteners, saving the extra time needed to “prep” the area to be resurfaced




By bringing up the shingles or flooring in such a manner that even multiple layers peel off the surface in a single pass, the end result is larger sections being brought up at once.  This helps in the removal of debris – again saving valuable time.


Weighing less than a bundle of shingles and adjustable to various pitch of roof, this adaptable, powerful, pneumatic machine will become a tool that no roofing or flooring contractor will want to be without.

Since the Rapid Roof Remover requires no adjustmentsor changes when switching between roofing and flooring removal, there is no down-time when going from a roofing project to a floor. The same 30 inch blade can be used for both! What other tool in your inventory can provide such versatility and labor savings?

See the Rapid Roof Remover in Action!


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