3 Things to Think About Before Staining Furniture

3 Things to Think About Before Staining Furniture

3 Things to Think About Before Staining Furniture
The next time you are looking to update an old piece of wooden furniture, you should consider going with a beautiful wood stain. Forgotten cabinets, a generations-old dresser, even a garage sale coffee table could all be brought to life again with the addition a fresh new stain.

Planning you project requires a good deal of consideration if you want the best possible results – which you obviously do!

Here are three things to think about before staining your furniture:

Type of Stain

When it comes to furniture stains, there are two main types of stain:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based

If your project is all about speed then you are going to want a water-based wood stain. They dry very quickly and do not require a great deal of ventilation. Water-based stains also come in a very wide array of color options and include the standard wood tones as well as colored stains.

Oil-based stains take much longer to dry and will need to be in a well-ventilated area to do so. They work better for more intricate, detail-focused projects. Oil-based stains are much more limited as far as color options go, only coming in traditional wood tones.

Wood Quality

The rule of thumb for staining any type of wood is: better wood, better results.

The quality of wood you are staining plays an important role in how the project turns out. It is in your best interest to avoid staining pieces that have a lot of knots or other visual imperfections – they simply won’t look as nice as cleaner pieces of wood.

Pieces of wood that have multiple scratches and nicks will not stain nearly as evenly as a pristine piece of wood. Any excess stain will accumulate in the imperfections and look darker in those areas.

While oak is the best type of wood for staining, pine is also a great option for staining. These two types are very easy to work with because they hold the stain very well.

Wood Conditioning

Pre-stain conditioners are great ways to make sure the stain you apply comes out looking perfectly even and professionally done. Water-based stains benefit from pre-stain conditioners much more than the heavier oil-based stains, but it is always a helpful addition no matter which type of stain you are using.

A helpful trick to ensure the cleanest look possible is to lightly sand the surface of the wood with very fine sandpaper after the pre-stain conditioner dries. This not only removes small surface scratches from the wood, but it also opens the pores of the wood, allowing the wood to hold the stain much more effectively.

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