5 Great Paint Finishes to Use On Your Next Project

5 Great Paint Finishes to Use On Your Next Project

5 Great Paint Finishes to Use On Your Next Project
When you are planning your next painting project, the decision-making process doesn’t end when you pick a color. Once you have the perfect color, you need to pick the type of finish.

Finishes are pretty distinguishable regardless of the brand, even though they may be advertised as unique and different. In order for a finish to look exactly as it should, you need to take extra care in preparing the surface about to be painted. Pay attention to any special instructions regarded the particular finish you are using, which may require a primer or undercoat.

Let’s take a look at the five most common paint finishes:


The finish boasting the least amount of sheen and luster, a flat finish is considered the most “basic” of the available options. The matte sheen of a flat paint absorbs a lot of light and results in a “chalky” finish that is very effective at hiding surface flaws and imperfections.

A flat paint works well in a high-traffic area of a home or a ceiling, as there are specialized options of flat paints that are tailored just for such areas.


Eggshell enamel holds up much better to heavy cleaning than flat paints while boasting a higher sheen as well. The low-luster properties of eggshell paints allow for a soft, almost velvet-like finish that brings out the warmth and depth of the paint.

Eggshell paints are accented beautifully by semigloss paints, allowing the subtle gloss to supplement the more reflective finish found in semigloss paints.


Perhaps the most reflective of the finishes, semigloss paints are easy to clean and can brighten up any room, especially one that receives a good deal of natural light.

Lighter colors benefit from the reflective properties of semigloss paints, making them perfect for creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere for bathrooms and kitchens.


Closely resembling eggshell and semigloss finishes, satin finishes are distinguishable by their pearlescent look and warm feel. High traffic areas of your home can benefit from the mildew and stain resisting properties of paint with a satin finish. They also hold up better to the sometimes harmful effects of light cleaning and scrubbing, making it a great choice for busy hallways or playrooms.

High Gloss

Perfect for wood surfaces, a high gloss finish will produce a rich, vivid color that really stands out among the rest. Deep reds and blues benefit the most from a high gloss finish and can add a touch of luxury to trim, cabinets and doors that you wouldn’t get with a flat finish.

When using a high gloss finish, you will want to make sure there are no surface imperfections or impedances, as the high sheen will draw attention to any flaws in the material.

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