Debunked – 4 Popular Myths About Deck Staining

Debunked – 4 Popular Myths About Deck Staining

Debunked – 4 Popular Myths About Deck Staining

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a barbecue with friends and family on a cool autumn afternoon. Whether you’re gathering to watch a football game or just enjoying each other’s company, a deck is a perfect venue for getting together!

Staining you deck is vital in terms of protecting the wood and prolonging its life. Aside from general weatherproofing, deck stain also makes your deck look great throughout the year!

As you get ready to take on your deck staining project, you’ll want to do some research and speak with a deck stain professional, like Bradford Hardwood Floor and Pain. As you do your homework, you’re sure to come across some common deck staining myths.

We took the time to debunk four popular myths you are sure to come across:

Brand New Wood Is Ready for Staining

Prepping new wood is an essential step in the staining process. You must treat new lumber with a wood cleaner followed by a wood brightener to get the most out of all that deck stain you just bought.

Just because new wood looks squeaky clean, there is plenty dirt and grime to warrant a thorough cleaning. The application of a wood brightener will open the pores of the new wood and allow the deck stain to be absorbed more effectively.

Pressure Treated Wood Requires a Few Months to Fully Dry Before Staining

While this myth is extremely widely circulated around the Internet (as has been for years), the truth is that wood is ready for stain as soon as it is dry enough. If you let too much time pass between cleaning and staining, all that work you did to open the wood’s pores could go to waste.

Applying deck stain as soon as the treated wood is dry enough will leave you with the best results in the fewest steps.

You Must Use Oil Stain

While oil stains have long been considered best, recent advancements in water-based stains have more than leveled the playing field. Blind loyalty to oil stains now comes at a price – they are regularly being outperformed by other options.

Some professionals even suggest that oil stains are harder to apply than other styles, but that largely depends on external factors.

So when you are speaking with your local paint and stain professional, make sure you ask “why?” if they recommend an oil stain. Make sure they know what they’re talking about!

Applying More/Thicker Coats of Stain Will Make It Last Longer

This is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to staining decks because it seems logical. However, it is possible to apply too much stain to a deck.

If you use more stain than the wood can soak in, the excess will just dry on the surface. This buildup of stain will result in premature peeling and chipping instead of providing extra protection.

Talk to an expert and be prepared with the right amount of deck stain to get the most out of your purchase.

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