The 5 Best Trends in Hardwood Flooring for 2015

The 5 Best Trends in Hardwood Flooring for 2015

The 5 Best Trends in Hardwood Flooring for 2015
Hardwood flooring is a trusted option that has withstood the test of time.

As trends grow and fade, hardwood flooring remains a constant in the world of homebuilding. Hardwood flooring is customizable, allowing it to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Here are the five hottest trends for hardwood flooring in 2015:

Darker Hues

Don’t be surprised when you start noticing darker stains and finishes incorporated into hardwood flooring this year. Providing a unique mix of classical style with a modern feel, darker floors are becoming a prominent choice for homebuilders and remodelers across the nation.

While they do require a bit more maintenance (dirt shows very easily on ebony or espresso stained wood) the darker color will actually hide any already-existing flaws in the wood.

Wood Washed White

The popular style we saw in the 80’s is experiencing a major resurgence. White washed wooden floors are growing in popularity, despite the fact that they are more expensive than other hardwood options. Interior designers love the contemporary look and brightness of white washed floors and how it really opens up a room.

White washed flooring is a close relative to the trend of gray walls and floors we have also seen recently. It is a very common choice for beach homes and condos but has truly solidified its places all over the country as a solid hardwood flooring option.

Wider Planks

Flooring can be used to manipulate the space of a room, and one way that people are making rooms seem larger is by going with wider hardwood planks. They also add a touch of modern style to a room in very clean and simple patterns.

These wider planks are ranging anywhere from 3 inches all the way to 7 inches! Design-wise, the general mindset is that the wider the plank, the more “rustic” the end result will appear.

Reclaimed Wood

One extremely popular option for hardwood flooring is reclaimed wood. This material has also been used in other ways, such as furniture, and designers and remodelers alike love the way it can reinvigorate a home.

Reclaimed wood is in short supply and will eventually run out. This has led to it being one of the most expensive flooring options on the market. The vintage look achieved with reclaimed wood is just one reason why it is so popular, as it is also very environmentally friendly!

Reclaimed wood can come from anywhere; an old barn, antique flooring, or even a timeworn log pulled from the bottom of a lake.

Homegrown Materials

While more and more people are choosing to support local businesses, we are seeing increased popularity of domestic hardwoods that are grown right here in America. Imported materials can be significantly lower quality than domestically grown hardwood, which is another reason more people are choosing local lumber.

People want authenticity when they are choosing materials for their home, and that’s why they are specifically requesting American hardwoods such as oak and maple. They are not only gorgeous options, but they are homegrown in American soil.

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